Industrial processing of plastics

PET films

PET mono films – three-layer rigid films based on polyethylene terephthalate, manufactured with CAST method, available depending on the customer's need in such variants as:

  • A-PET (A/A/A) – all layers are made of the primary material (PET compound).
  • GAG -PET (A/B/A) – „A” layer made of G-PET.
  • G-PET (A/A/A) – all layers made out of G-PET.

Basic properties of PET films

Properties A-PET G-PET GAG-PET
Density 1,33 g/cm3 1,27 g/cm3 1,31 g/cm3
Stiffness high low medium
Thermoforming good very good good
Printing (screen print/UV-offset) good very good very good
Punching / cutting quick wear normal wear normal wear
- Thermal yes yes yes
- Ultrasonic yes yes yes
- High frequency difficult / not possible yes yes
Processing comparable with PP comparable with PVC comparable with PVC

Application: technical, food packaging, advertising.

We declare for food grade films compliance according to EU Directives:

  • 2004/1935/EC dated 27.10. 2004
  • 2005/1895/EC dated 18.11. 2005
  • 2006/2023/EC dated 22.12. 2006
  • 2011/10/EC dated 14.1. 2011
  • And Eu-Directive 94/62/EC and all of its amendments till the above mentioned date with regard to sum of heavy metal concentration levels
Basic technical parameters of PET films
Thickness range 150 - 1000 µ
Maximum width 1500 mm
Maximum roll diameter 1200 mm
Impact strength > 300 kJ/m2
Thermoforming possibility Normal – deep
Metallisation Gold and silver according to customer request
Overprint Yes - screen, offset
Welding / Laminating Thermal / ultrasounds
Surface glossy, matt
Sheets Min. 500x600 mm

Standard colours for PET films (other colours available on request of the customer):

  • Natural
  • Transparent blueish
  • Transparent neutral
  • White
  • Black

Even for small QTY’s we offer slitting operation services in order to cut the width according to customer needs.

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