Industrial processing of plastics

Company MYPLAST s.r.o. was established in 2013 by split off division plastics processing from V okno s.r.o.


MYPLAST s.r.o. - major milestones

1997 - establishing of  V okno s.r.o. - starting with production of plastic windows, doors and winter garders

2001 - company moved to own facility in Skastice

2004 - initial project in the cooling tower segment - thermoforming, injection molding technology - start up for division of plastics processing

2007 - new office buiding in Skastice

2010 - brand new production facility for division of plastics processing

2010 - new division for material distribution - specilizing for rigid films PVC, PET

2013 - split off division plastics processing and material distribution from V okno s.r.o. - MYPLAST s.r.o. was established

Technology in use:

- injection moulding 

- thermoforming


Focused market segments:

- cooling tower technology

- automotive

- window accesories

- materials


Brand new cooling tower fill TYPE 30.0

Brand new cooling tower fill TYPE 30.0

We are introducing a brand new cooling tower fill type 30.0, which is designed to be used especially in cooling towers with poor water quality.

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