Industrial processing of plastics

Drift eliminator


  • Designed for a separation of droplets in counterflow cooling towers with natural and forced draft.
  • Innovated type AOK130-37/B is designed to achieve maximum drift removal and reduction of total cooling water losses.
  • Lenght of the eliminator can be adjusted according to customer needs.

Characteristics and material properties

  • Drift eliminators are manufactured in two versions:
             standard  - impact resistance up to -30°C
             extreme    - impact resistance up to -50°C
  • Used material - PVC - is resistant to weather and chemical degradation by acids, alkalis, greases and biological attack.
  • PVC conforms the excelent fire rating due to its self-extinguishing feature.

Assembling a drift eliminator block

  • Blades of a drift eliminator are connected with distance holders.
  • The way of assembling enables completion close to the construction of the cooling tower and savings of freight costs.
  • Standard number of blades in a block is 10pcs, distance between connections 700mm.
  • Assembling to block is done without the use of any adhesives and meets all the requirements in relation to the environment.

Examples of connection:

No. of blades No. of distance holders Distance between connections (mm) Blade lenght (mm)
11 36 700 2000
10 33 700 2140
10 33 800 2400


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